This morning, announced that they are shutting down on December 3rd. While we intended to take their service head on all along, we are sad to see an innovative scheduling tool be shut down. We wish their team the best as they continue to refine the Blackberry productivity tool set.

Marc, founder of, suggested people look at Doodle as an alternative. We suggest you look at it, too. 

However, we’d also like you to register for Book’d in beta and here’s why:

  • Book’d is an online scheduling platform, which can be used to manage your personal schedule, professional schedule or both. It can also be used for groups and organizations.
  • Availability is on a per-service basis, so you don’t have to expose your whole calendar. Instead, you can set availability on MWF from 9 to 12 for internal meetings, while you set availability for client meetings all day, every day. You control your availability.
  • Availability can be offered in multiple locations, as designated by the account holder. Location types include physical addresses, virtual locations, and at the client’s location.
  • If desired, account holders can accept payments for designated services during the booking process.
  • Events and classes, including series of classes, can be created, in addition to the one-on-one meetings.
  • Full account history of each contact stored in a basic CRM, including invoice history, if the account holder is accepting payments.
  • Responsive design for easy access and management from your mobile device.
  • Just like Doodle, we integrate with Google Calendar, can send automatic appointment reminder emails, etc.

We’re sending out beta invitations over the next few days. We hope you’ll join us!

Feel free to ask us specific questions on functionality via Twitter or Facebook. We’re excited to share anything and everything that will help convince you to give us a try!